MCStorage Acquisition

28th April 2022
Maciej K
Maciej K Head of Product Design at Letrix Labs

Founded in 2021, MCStorage is a cloud-backup solution, designed to backup your game servers. Currently, it's only available for Minecraft servers by using a plugin. MCStorage makes backing up your servers as easy as possible, 100% automatically.

We are happy to announce that MCStorage has been acquired by Letrix Labs and is now being maintained by our software engineering team. We have some great plans for the future of MCStorage and we'd love to share a few of those with you now.

  • Introduce a reseller program that allows hosting companies to license MCStorage and use it for their customers.
  • Make the service available for a range of different game servers.
  • Build a new user interface.
  • New storage nodes in North America, Europe, and Asia for optimal latency.
  • Create a backup restore feature.

The old MCStorage team won't be joining Letrix Labs but we'll have close contact with them whilst MCStorage is transitioned to new management.

Whilst we begin implementing these new features and rebuild the user interface, MCStorage will be closed until further notice. Our team are working as quickly as possible to make MCStorage available again. We have plenty of other ideas which we'll share at a later date.

Maciej K
Maciej K 28th April 2022